Teaching: sustainable development

On 24 April, the two-day 3rd International Conference of the Association of Geography Teachers of Slovenia “Landscape and Sustainable Development” was successfully concluded. It was performed remotely. 62 participants from four countries participated.

The international conference offered an extremely large number of pedagogical ideas and implementations, as well as implemented and documented proposals for school field work. The invited lecturers were dr. Mitja Bricelj, Ph.D. Dušan Plut, Ph.D. Gregor Kovačič, Ph.D. Ana Vovk Korže, Ph.D. Karel Natek, Ph.D. Tajan Trobec, Ph.D. Michael Scoullos, Iro Alampei and dr. Thomais Vlachogianni.

Discussions tackled diverse topics, such as: protected areas and their development, environmental challenges in local community development, biodiversity, environmental adaptability and modeling, circular economy, local supply, local water resources, local sustainability, sustainable challenges, European projects, media presentations, role playing, active citizenship, cultural landscapes; examples of fieldwork from practically all Slovenian regions were presented as well.

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