OECD & MBRCGI Call for Innovations in Government is now OPEN

Each year, the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), together with the MBRCGI, calls on the international community to bring forward projects and initiatives focused on ways that governments are innovating. Calls result in approximately 300 new initiatives annually. Many of these are featured as international best practices on the OECD OPSI Case Study Library and as case studies in high-profile reports. The teams behind top cases will be invited to Dubai to work with a team of designers to bring their innovation to life at the World Government Summit’s Edge of Government experience.

Concrete benefits to project teams submitting initiatives include:

  • Global visibility: Featured innovation initiatives are promoted to event participants and thousands of readers of the OECD’s reports.
  • Platform for scale: Based on the experiences of previously featured teams, selected initiatives receive enhanced attention and support at home, and new partnerships are formed that enable projects to scale and be duplicated in other countries.
  • Global movement: Featured innovations and their teams serve as leaders and examples of impact to inspire others and build global momentum for innovation.

For further information visit https://oecd-opsi.org/blog/call-for-innovations-2022/. 

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