CALL FOR PAPERS – 9th REDETE Conference 2022: “Present and future challenges in regional development in the Adriatic-Ionian Region”

The REDETE (Researching Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) is an annual conference founded in 2011 with the aim to (re)launching debates and scholarly research on issues concerning research and economic development in transition countries.

There is a call for papers for the 9th REDETE Conference which will be held in Ancona, Italy on 15-16 September 2022.

The Adriatic and Ionian Region is facing unprecedented challenges, from the post-pandemic recovery to the green and digital revolution, which are increasing disparities between central and peripheral regions. The aim of the 9th REDETE Conference is to encourage researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to contribute to our understanding of the challenges faced by countries and regions to promote economic development and regional integration.

Topics of interest include

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation: new firm formation and firm dynamics; university-industry collaboration; academic entrepreneurship; innovation in transition economies; entrepreneurial and SMEs financing. 
  • Regional development: clustering and networking; interfirm relations; regional innovation ecosystems; foreign direct investments; role of banks and financial markets; role of infrastructure. 
  • Cohesion policy and European identity: population dynamics; social policy, poverty, and exclusion; legal systems, corruption, and inequality; EU cohesion policy. 
  • The political economy of ethnic reconciliation in the Western Balkans: public policy and welfare state regimes in the region; building a multi-faith society across borders; integration and social tolerance; sustainable economic development and public policy models.
  • Migration: migrant and refugee crises; migrant socio-economic integration; brain drain; remittances; return migration; migrant entrepreneurship; migration policies.

All papers presented to the REDETE conference will be considered for publication by the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies. They will also be considered for publication in the form of an edited book in the Routledge series of Europe-Regional Studies.

Submission information: Extended abstracts of about 300-500 words may be submitted up to the end of May 2022 to the address: 

Important dates: 

May 31, 2022                  -              Abstracts submission close 

June 30, 2022                  -              Notification of acceptance 

July 31, 2022                  -              Registration close  

For all relevant information about the Conference: 

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