Publication: Enhancing Healthcare cooperation in cross-border regions


The European Commission recently published a booklet which briefly presents 12 good practices illustrating the success factors and the added value of cross-border cooperation in the health sector. The publication can be read and downloaded here.


The publication covers the following topics: 

1. Direct services to citizens: Treatment, diagnostics and emergency care:

  • ZOAST Zone of organised access to cross-border healthcare
  • CBD-HEALTH Cross-border health: The Irish experience
  • VÄLTEL Mixed Zone för Välfärdsteknologiska TestLabs
  • TRISAN Trinational competence centre for your health projects

2. Enabling factors to improve healthcare providers: Workforce training and high-cost capital investment:

  • RARESCREEN Innovative, Polish-German cross-border programme for early diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases in newborns
  • HAFF Healthacross for future
  • DOLJ-VRATSA HEALTH Coordinating and supporting the modernisation of public health services in Dolj-Vratsa
  • EMS When emergency medical systems erase borders

3. Innovation and knowledge production: Knowledge sharing, management and crossborder care research:

  • RARENET Trinational network for education, research and management of complex and rare diseases in the Upper Rhine
  • HEALTH (SALUTE-ZDRAVSTVO) Integrated Territorial Investment: building a network of cross-border health services
  • EUPREVENT Improve the health situation for citizens in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion (EMR)
  • NEURNET Care management network for patients with pharmaco-resistant epilepsy and patients with late-stage Parkinson’s





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