LIVING DANUBE LIMES - Check out the final project documentation

We are very happy and proud to present our final project documentation!

Our project Living Danube Limes is all about heritage - Roman Heritage, which spans the entire Danube Region from Germany to the Black Sea and unites all project partner countries and all residents along the Danube Limes.

With wonderful impressions, this video highlights the importance of the Danube in Roman times and gives an insight into the measures and research activities that our project deals with in 4 central points:

1) identify the archaeological remains & characterize the Roman area along the Danube

2) connect museums, visitor centers and archaeological sites & highlight their unique selling point

3) protection of cultural heritage from natural disasters - due to climate change - but also catastrophes made by human beings - like illicit excavations

and of course, the most prominent part:

4) the journey of the Danuvina Alacris - the Connecting Cruise 2022

Check out the video!

Submitted by CESCI on Fri, 03/17/2023 - 11:01

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