EUSAIR facilitating the Enlargement Process of the Western Balkans

The paper highlights a number of assets that the EUSAIR may offer the enlargement process, such as:

- its horizontal cooperation;

- a regional dimension that connects the WB to the EU;

- the convergence of interests between member states and non-member states on enlargement;

- its cooperative nature;

- its capacity-building contribution;

- the emphasis on territorial cooperation and its inclusive approach.

The report elaborates on possible ways for EUSAIR contribution to the enlargement process by the following methods:

- easing the adoption of the acquis communautaire in the WB countries;

- fostering administrative capacity with grounded, evidence-based policies, generating cohesion competencies in the WB countries;

- helping the implementation of EU policies and strategies beyond EU borders;

- offering a framework where different levels, processes, strategies, and funds may converge;

- promoting a strong involvement of stakeholders and participatory policy-making that increase the accountability of governments and consolidate democracy.

Submitted by CESCI on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 14:27

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