The European Commission report on the implementation of MRS (2022)

The European Commission released its report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies (2022).

Fragments from the main conclusions:

  • As MRS contribution to the green, digital and social transitions is important, all are accelerating their delivery on these topics.

  • The MRS should also increase their efforts to support new activities in fields where cooperation at macro-regional level provides an added value, also exploring synergies with sea-basin strategies, and where the MRS could open for solutions that are difficult to achieve in more formalised contexts, such as energy.

  • The fact that Ukraine took over the presidency of the EUSDR in 2021 triggers new activities and contributes to the deepening of cooperation in the #Danuberegion

"MRS are powerful tools to support economic, social and territorial development, build macro-regional identity and aspirations and in building trust and confidence among neighbouring countries. The strategies are flexible tools to respond to new and emerging challenges. MRS also tailor key EU initiatives to the reality and specificities of a functional area and can help bringing the European Union closer to the citizens and young people. The efforts to embed the priorities of the MRS in relevant EU funding programmes 2021-2027 are progressing well, and they are showing encouraging initial results. However, ensuring implementation of these priorities will require continuous attention up to 2027.” – Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies (2022)

The report is available here.

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