An international conference entitled “Regional branding & network building of cultural economy and tourism” was held as part of the DANUrB+ project. The two-day programme took place in Sombor, Mohács, and Baja, so participants could get acquainted with Danube-connected, local good practices first hand.

The conference included both online and in-person presentations where various local entrepreneurs and international initiatives were introduced to the attendees. Participants heard nearly 20 presentations showcasing good practices from several countries along the Danube. The aim of the conference was to find common tracks, living and forgotten/or hidden remnants of cultural heritage in the DANUrB countries and beyond, which can be re-discovered and activated for regional identity and brand building, as well as local and community development. The final event of the programme was joined by the participants of another Interreg project, Living Danube Limes.

In the meantime a cross-border research camp was held for university students in Baja and Sombor. The research of the two cities prepared the next semester's studies. Participating students toured the two cities, talked to local architects and participated in various workshops, while experiencing and observing the functioning and dynamics of the two cities.

The weekend was preceded by the parallel opening of the exhibitions entitled „Lovely views and The Danube for me…“ (Nekem a Duna…) in Baja. The Danube for me… (Nekem a Duna…) is an exhibition of the results of the previous children's art competition, while Lovely Views is an interactive exhibition on the region's tourism network, also with a cross-border perspective. The opening and a subsequent workshop were also attended by participants from the university research camp.

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