Call for Papers: Present and future challenges in regional development in the Adriatic-Ionian Region

The Adriatic and Ionian Region covers a significant terrestrial surface area and more than 70 million people live there. The Adriatic and Ionian Region plays an important role in strengthening geographical continuity in Europe and now is facing unprecedented challenges from the consequences of pandemic to the green and digital revolution and these challenges are increasing inequality within the region.

The 9th REDETE Conference aims to motivate researchers, practitioners and policy makers to contribute to understanding the challenges faced by countries.

Topics of interest include

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Regional development
  • Cohesion policy and European identity
  • The political economy of ethnic reconciliation in the Western Balkans
  • Migration

Submission information: Extended abstracts of about 300-500 words may be submitted up to the end of May 2022 to the address: 

Important dates: 

May 31, 2022                  -              Abstracts submission close 

June 30, 2022                  -              Notification of acceptance 

July 31, 2022                  -              Registration close  

For more information about the Conference: 

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