Call: Climate Change Adaptation, launched under LIFE programme, with a macro-regional scope

The LIFE – sub-programme “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” has been created to actively support the societal advancement of the EU in terms of climate change adaption practices as the EU has set an ambitious target of becoming a climate-resilient society by 2050. By bolstering the objectives of the EU's climate policy as part of the European Green Deal, it prepares for the challenges put forward by the climate crisis throughout the forthcoming period.

The areas of intervention include: climate change mitigation, climate change adaption and climate change governance and information. Other than supporting authorities in the development of their adaption policies and promoting cooperation across borders, it takes part in the measurement of progress regarding the adaptation. The programme draws attention to the environmental, social and economic benefits of blue-green infrastructures, thus includes certain specific actions to contribute to the continuous update of the climate proofing guidance in order to prepare the infrastructure for the impact of the climate crisis. It furthermore elaborates on ideas and strategies to tackle the issues of water management as well as educating farmers, forest manageres, Natura 2000 managers and other land managers about specific solutions for climate adaption, while highlighting the importance of preparedness and protection against extreme weather conditions and financial instruments that can deal with the risks of climate change.  

Submitted by CESCI on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 11:33

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