Danube Hazard m3c project - Final Conference and International Workshop

The Final Conference and International Workshop of the Danube Hazard m3c project will take place on November 30th, in Vienna. It will be embodded within the 25th International River Symposium (https://riversymposium.com/)

Final conference (streamed online)

In the morning, from 10:45 am to 12:00 noon, the project team will present the main results and highlights of the project.

International workshop (not streamed)

In the afternoon, from 1:20 to 4:45 pm, the international workshop will be held “Policy guidance on managing hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin”. Guided by short impulse talks given by the project team, parallel group discussions will enable the dialogue among different actors on the priorities of future actions and will contribute to shaping the final policy guidance document, in which the project will provide recommendations for the Danube River Basin.

The physical (and online in the morning) participation to the two events is free, since it is funded by the project. However, expenses related to travel and accommodation must be covered by the participants.



There are 60 places available for the two events. If you would like to physically attend in Vienna, register soon using the following link:


Please register as well if you would like to attend online. Online attendance is unlimited and free during the session on Wednesday morning, but you need to be registered to get access.

The registration will be confirmed by the DH m3c team per email.

Shall you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact DH m3c team using the following e-mail address: danubehazard@tuwien.ac.at

Vienna, Austria
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